What is it?

A FREE online system for patient management and data analysis designed for
wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife health monitoring professionals.




Who uses it?

WILD-ONe was created to assist wildlife caregivers manage and utilize their records, and for conservation researchers to obtain standardized incident data on injured and orphaned wildlife.





WILD-ONe reduces time spent on paperwork and allows for accurate record keeping and report generation.

WILD-ONe enables wildlife rehabilitators to contribute to a comprehensive global rehabilitation dataset created to assess trends in wildlife health.



WILD-ONe Users Across the World

Some of our Users
Nature's Nanny Wildlife RehabilitationNature's Nanny Wildlife RehabilitationChesapeake, VA
"WILD-ONe is an excellent organizational tool that turns your patient log from a just patient record to a valuable reference tool."
Four Lakes Wildlife CenterFour Lakes Wildlife CenterMadison, WI
"We’ve had a record year for admission numbers and are finding the Manage Multiple Cases feature to be a great time saver!"
Wildlife Center of VirginiaWildlife Center of VirginiaWaynesboro, VA
Mercer County Wildlife CenterMercer County Wildlife CenterTitusville, NJ
"Our annual reporting has been simplified and streamlined.  We are better able to see trends in patient care and population."
Virginia Beach SPCAVirginia Beach SPCAVirginia Beach, VA
Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation CentreCobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation CentreBrookfield, Nova Scotia
Saving Our Avian ResourcesSaving Our Avian ResourcesDedham, IA
Avian Reconditioning CenterAvian Reconditioning CenterApopka, FL
FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation NPCFreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation NPCJohannesburg, South Africa
Florida Keys Wild Bird CenterFlorida Keys Wild Bird CenterTavernier, FL
“Since we have started using WILD-ONe we are able to show our overall release rates and intake statistics in a much more detailed way which is great when we apply for grants etc."
Save Our SeabirdsSave Our SeabirdsSarasota, FL
"Before we started using WILD-ONe, we had developed our own very basic bird tracking and reporting system, adapted from a free shareware program that was designed for use in a human clinic.  WILD-ONe gives us far more robust capabilities than our old system ever could.  And it's great to be part of the growing WILD-ONe user community."
The Bird Center of Washtenaw CountyThe Bird Center of Washtenaw CountyAnn Arbor, MI
"WILD-ONe has organized our center and improved bird care! We are able to print daily medications lists, it encourages more frequent bird weighing, there are fewer “mix-ups” because of the unique generation of case numbers, and it has eliminated the dreaded end of year reports anxiety!"
Oaken Acres Wildlife CenterOaken Acres Wildlife CenterSycamore, IL
“As a small center we appreciate having access to a professional database that assists in consistent intake data input, and useful data output. Our end of year records generate quickly and easily thanks to WILD-ONe.”
Rockfish Wildlife SanctuaryRockfish Wildlife SanctuaryCharlottesville, VA
“It makes organizing our patient intake sheets much simpler, but the best part about WildOne is the ease of running our annual reports at the end of each year. What previously took me weeks to format from an Excel spreadsheet now only takes the click of a button!”
Shades of Hope Wildlife RefugeShades of Hope Wildlife RefugePefferlaw, Ontario
“ I love the reports that are available and I see great collective value in the data for the wildlife community.  I love being able to look information up easily especially when somebody calls to follow up on their rescued animal.”
Woodlands Wildlife RefugeWoodlands Wildlife RefugePittstown, NJ
“Record keeping, reporting and accessing patient history is simple. WILD-ONe is very user-friendly and has helped save valuable time at our center.”
The Owl FoundationThe Owl FoundationVineland Station, Ontario
“The feature we love the most is the “Quick Prescriptions”.  It’s a great way to stay organized and on top of procedures and medications.  It has the ability to schedule ahead for procedures and examinations so they are not missed because of a hectic day!”
Salt Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education CentreSalt Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education CentreMount Brydges, Ontario
"WILD-ONe has made our record keeping and reporting significantly easier. The support from the WILD-ONe team has been outstanding. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the wildlife rehabilitation field looking to optimize their time and resources.”
Peace River Wildlife CenterPeace River Wildlife CenterPunta Gorda, FL
“WILD-ONe has made year-end reports a breeze.  And being able to compile customized reports for board members, staff and the public is invaluable."
Treasure Coast Wildlife CenterTreasure Coast Wildlife CenterPalm City, FL
“Tech Support for WILD-ONe is fabulous!"